Is there any possibility of Pacific Rim 3 to occur? Will Kaiju return again? Know about the lastest updates


    Somewhere in the middle of the Pacific ocean, an interdimensional portal opens up a network for alienated monsters known as Kaiju, with the sole purpose of destroying the earth. In response to their attack and to save the world. Humanity gathers and creates colossal robots known as Jaegers in order to defeat the monsters. Further, at the end of the movie, we saw that humans were successful in blasting the BreachBreach with the help of nuclear vortex.

    The American science – fiction monster movie Pacific Rim premiered on the big screen on July 12, 2013. It was directed by Guillermo del Toro, and The screenplay was written by Travis Beachman. The movie received a lot of positive reception from people all around and collected a gross of $411 million worldwide. So it was obvious that after a successful first franchise, the makers would surely come back with its sequel.

    So it did happen ! and the sequel named Pacific Rim: Uprising was released on March 23, 2018. This time that film was written and directed by Steven S. DeKnight. The plot follows after ten years of the battle of Breach and takes us through a series of events where the monsters return again. And this time with Jaeger – Kaiju hybrid. This unending battle between humans and monsters finally comes to an end. When one of the Jaeger collides with Mega Kaiju, destroying it in pieces. In the end, the Newest is captured by Nate.

    But is the battle really over? Or is it the silence before the upcoming deadly storm. Will Kaiju return again?

    Towards the mid-credit end scene, Newt challenges that no matter what. The precursors will continue to attack the Pacific rim, and there is nothing one can do to stop them. He threatens that the victory they are so proud of is meaningless.

    This is one of the major hints that Pacific Rim may return with its third installment. Moreover, the director left the movie for a potential upcoming plot. If you all have watched the sequel, you would have come across Jakes’s dialogue that humanity will soon be the ones attacking the precursors.

    The Pacific may seem clear, but there is no guarantee of the future, as told by Newt. Of course, the battle is settled for now, but by the last sequel, it seems that in the future, the battle is going to be worse than ever.

    What does director Steven S. Deknight have to say about the possibility of the trequel 

    It seems like the director is spilling some beans. Moreover, he can’t get over the character of Mako Mori. He took unto twitter to discuss how unfortunate and unfair he felt for her character as she had a major role in the third movie. What a Spoiler!!!!!!. With this tweet, we not only get a hint of an upcoming movie but also a hope for Mako Mori’s return.


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