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    What are the odds of someone abducting your kid from right under your nose? What are the odds that you lose trust in the people around you right after this? And what are the odds that you are suddenly left alone in the middle of your doom with no shoulder to cry on?

    “Quite high,” says the latest book by the award-winning Canadian novelist Jennifer Hillier. Known for great psychological thrillers like Jar of Hearts (2018), Jennifer has baffled the minds of bibliophiles with her recently released book Little Secrets: A Novel.

    Based on the chilling story of a woman who goes on an investigation to find her missing son and uncover the wicked deeds of her husband all by herself, Little Secrets is that kind of a story that never lets you have enough of it. You will read and read to pacify an unending thirst.

    The Secret Story of Little Secrets: A Novel

    Marine, a young and married entrepreneur, lives the best life she could ever ask for. A successful chain of hair salons, a loving husband, and a sweet little son, that’s what gives life to her existence. But after all, there’s nothing so firm to never fall apart.

    In a blink of an eye, her son Sebastian is kidnapped and is nowhere to be found. For a whole year, she is deprived of her son’s embrace. That’s when her marriage also starts to falter. Marine and Derek, her husband, start to keep “little secrets” from each other. Marine hires a personal detective for her son’s kidnap without Derek’s knowledge while unbeknownst to Marine, Derek dates a young graduate artist Kenzie Li to please his own heart.

    But what Marine finds later about this relationship shatters her into a million pieces. Kenzie might be related to her son’s missing! Maybe Kenzie did all this on her own to bring chaos in Marine’s life and use Derek to keep paying her debts, or maybe it was Derek himself who chose this path to get out of his marriage.

    "Little Secrets" By "Jennifer Hillier": The Seventh Novel Of One Of The Magisterial Story Teller Is Here! Synopsis Is Here!!

    Who was it then? Why did he ‘do so? You will get all the answers hidden deep inside the novel. All you need to do is invest your trust in the book and let it consume you inside-out.

    Where to Get the Book The Secret Story of Little Secrets from?

    Little Secrets came out internationally on April 21, 2020, and was published by Minotaur Books. The 352 pages long book is now available in stores in Paperback, Hardcover, Audio-book, and Kindle Edition. A 320-pages long edition of the book is also reported to be released by Corvus publication on May 7, 2020.

    You can get the book from, Amazon, or whichever online shopping site you prefer for $13 only.

    Described as “Diabolically plotted psychological thriller of lust, obsession, greed and betrayal and a captivating double helix of duplicity” by Publishers Weekly, you cannot miss this masterpiece.

    The book has received positive reviews globally and a spectacular rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Goodreads. The uniqueness of its storyline is what makes it so special. Little Secrets is the perfect example of an imperfect life in which everyone commits something they are ashamed of and also get away with it for a while, but things don’t hold on for as long as they expect.

    So don’t wait and get your own copy now!


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