The Vanishing Half – Brit Bennett’s yet another masterpiece of novel for all the readers out there!


    The Vanishing Half has already been regarded as the most anticipated book of 2020. Oprah Magazine, the Washington Post, Harper’s Bazaar, Deborah Levy, Sara Collins, BuzzFeed, New York times, all of them came ahead to put light on how captivating this book is and how this should not be missed by any readers or non-readers out there.

    All About The Vanishing Half

    The most awaited novel of the year has been written by Brit Bennett. Bennett is also the creator of New York’s best selling – The Mothers, and yet she’s back with another exciting piece of work. Her debut novel garnered her much applause from the readers as well as the critics, and she undoubtedly became the most promising debut novelist.

    Her upcoming novel, “The Vanishing Half,” has been receiving great responses from everyone, and here’s more that you need to know about it.

    The Vanishing Half Synopsis

    The story of the book revolves around the lives of twin sisters, names as Desiree and Stella, born and raised in Mallard. They spent their childhood together and became inseparable as they grew really fond of each other. They had to witness the horrible incident of their father’s brutal death. Their lives changed when at the age of sixteen, both of them decided to run away to find their own lives.

    But soon an unexpected incident happens as Stella disappears and both of them are left on their own. Desiree returns with her eight-year-old daughter – Jude, to Mallard. Jude has been raised by Desiree alone after leaving her abusive ex-husband. She didn’t wanna raise Jude in an environment where discrimination prevails and then decided to leave the thought poisoning place. Stella arrives at the bar where Jude works like a side job, and Jude notices the identical twin of her mother unexpectedly. But Stella, who’s in a privileged world, doesn’t seem to notice her.

    The story then progresses on the events and incidents that happen in uniting the sisters. Readers also get a glimpse of how their next-generation gets affected by their past. The expectations of what would happen next to keep the readers hooked onto the book.
    The fascinating portrayal of two distinct shades of life by Bennett is surely going to everyone’s next favorite.


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