Tom Cruise Teaming With SpaceX and NASA to Shoot a New Action Film in Space, NASA Confirms


    Just in case, if you were wondering what’s left there for Tom Cruise to demonstrate boundary-pushing stunts in his action movies, he has just partnered with SpaceX and NASA to film one of his action movies in outer space.

    A report obtained from Deadline claimed that the 57-year-old has partnered with SpaceX and NASA to shoot a film sequence out of this world, in space. This would mark the first-ever movie narrative shot in outer space. The film sequence would be of the action-adventure movie, which made people to think that it might be in an upcoming installment of the Mission Impossible series.

    The actor is famous for performing some of the death-defying stunts in his action movies. Top Gun actor has even broken various parts of his body during film shooting—the recent being in Mission: Impossible Fallout, in which he broke his ankle while jumping between buildings. The actor is set to appear in yet another action movie, Top Gun: Maverick, where he will be portraying the role of an adventurous fighter pilot.


    On the other hand, the founder and CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, has always loved things to do out of the box. He is currently planning to send the first manned mission into space with the collaboration of the American space agency, NASA, on May 27. SpaceX—for the first time—will transport astronauts to International Space Station in a SpaceX spacecraft. He even has the plan to send two unmanned spaceships, called Starship to Mars by 2022 with cargo and essentials machine and instruments to set up a base at Mars.

    While Tom Cruise and SpaceX haven’t confirmed the news, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine took Twitter and announced that Tom Cruise is working on filming a movie sequence in International Space Station. NASA didn’t share much detail about the ambitious mission, but Deadline deduced that the film sequence would be shot in Elon Musk’s spaceship.




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