What is Tai Lopez’s Net Worth in 2020? Early Life, Career and Everything You Should Know!


    Tai Lopez is a famous investor, entrepreneur, and social media influencer as well. Tai Lopez was born in Long Beach, California, on 11th April 1977. He was raised by his mother and grandmother as his father was in jail at that time. Lopez becomes famous very quickly and rose to fame due to his unique approach towards business. Now he is encouraged and helps others through his wealth and knowledge to achieve their goals too.

    Tai Lopez – Early Life

    Tai started his first business at a very young age of only 6 yrs old. He was selling cherry tomatoes for his mother. Then he turned towards selling lemonade afterward. This shows that he always had an eye for business from a very young age.

    Unable to make friends, he turned towards reading books. And read books by Aristotle. Even dropped out of college to travel the world. After doing many odd jobs, he saved up the money to travel to many different countries. He even visited India and stayed here with a friend for two years.

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    Tai Lopez – Career

    Lopez was initially mentored by a financial manager.  Then he went on to work for GE Capital as a certified financial manager. He is the current owner of Elite Global Dating, which gave him the first step towards success.

    Now he is quite a famous YouTuber. He now acts as an advisor and also a partner to more than 20 multi-million companies. Tai Lopez also has a book  club where he encourages and helps other people to achieve their own “Good Place.”

    As per the recent estimate, the total net worth of Tai Lopez is about $60 million. By all means, it is well deserved. He had reached this level of success through hard work and a unique approach towards business and life.


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