Avengers Director JOE RUSSO Confirmed Chris Hemsworth Starrer EXTRACTION 2 is in the Works, Deal Closed With Netflix


    Extraction is returning for potential another installment, and soon after watching the first film, we might have always wanted Tyler Rake to be back in action. Despite being slow in the writing part, the movie has received positive reviews and praises for mind-boggling action sequences. Now, the latest reports confirmed that the writer and Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo has closed a deal with the streaming platform to bring second Extraction film.

    Joe Russo, who produced the film along with his brother Anthony through their production company AGBO, has agreed to write the second film. However, the veteran filmmaker didn’t mention that the upcoming second film would be a possible sequel or prequel. He told Deadline that they are not committed yet enough for the project to decide whether the story be sequel or prequel.

    The ending scenes in the Extraction were confusing, but it had left the wide opportunity in Tyler’s return. Also, Chris’s character Tyler seemed to be a maestro in what he does, meaning he had successfully executed similar missions in the past. In the opening scenes, it looked like he might have some sort of redemption for his appalling mistake in the past – other than his son and family – that makes us think of prequel, bringing the in-depth stories of the protagonist.

    Russo didn’t confirm the return of Chris Hemsworth or the muscular action director, Sam Hargrave, as Netflix would approve such news once the script is ready. Joe Russo, who has been a long collaborator of both the creative forces of Chris and Sam, expects that they will eventually return for the second film. Extraction follows a story of highly skilled mercenary and former SASR operator, Tyler Rake, who takes a job to save the life of the kidnapped son of an international drug lord, who has been kidnapped by his father’s rival drug lord.

    Netflix announced that the Extraction is going to be the biggest feature film premiere in Netflix’s history and estimates about 90 million would possibly watch the movie within a month of its release. Chris Hemsworth then posted a thank you video on his Instagram and revealed that he is pretty stoked to appear in another film.


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