Euphoria Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Episodes. Are we getting Zendaya back?


    Nowadays, a lot of dramas are getting made, and that is of every kind of every genre, whether it is an adult drama or teen drama. There is a lot of teen drama that made upon the student life in high school, the way students struggle, and the way they face the world.  One such drama is Euphoria.

    Euphoria is an American drama about the life of teenagers. It is not a web series but a tv series that streamed on HBO. Euphoria is created by Sam Levinson, and he is the one who has written it. It is based upon the Israel drama with the same name which is written by Don Leshem.

    The drama has only one season in hand and the second season was announced. The first season received a lot of positive reviews in which it gained 550,000 views in every episode.


    The release date of Euphoria Season 2

    The Season one of Euphoria premiered for the first time on HBO on 16 July 2019 with eight episodes. Due to the popularity and the positive reviews of season one, the makers came up with the idea of season 2 of Euphoria.

    The renewal season of Euphoria announced in July 2019. The release date of the series is yet to be confirmed. When it comes to the number of episodes, then it might have eight episodes too.

    The cast of Euphoria Season 2

    The cast of Euphoria season 2 will be same as the season 1 because there might be a continuation in the story.

    They are- Zendaya as Rue Bennett ( a drug addict student), Maude Apatow as Lexi Howard (Rue’s best friend), Angur Cloud as Fezco (dealer of the drug), Jacob Elordi as Nate Jacobs (a high school student who is an athlete), Eric Dane as Cal Jacobs (Father of Nate), Alexa Denie as Maddy Perez (Net’s girlfriend), Barbie Ferreira as Kat Hernandez, Stor Reid as Gia Bennett, and Aglee Smith as Christopher Mckay.

    Cast of Euphoria

    The plot of Euphoria Season 2

    In season one, we have seen Rue Bennett (Zendaya) struggling with her addiction towards drugs. She was drugging and hallucinating. Jules left Zendaya so we may see in season 2 that Jules will come back. For the reprise of the role in Euphoria 2, Zendaya said “I literally can’t wait. I just want to get back badly. I miss it.” She expresses her view on Twitter.

    The plot is not confirmed by the makers. But the story might be the continuation of Season 1. Fans and viewers can’t wait to see Season 2 of Euphoria.


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