Ghost of Tsushima is coming soon; here is the release date and everything you must know about the upcoming video game


    Ghost of Tsushima is all set to hit the video game market. Excitement is all around, and game lovers are going crazy for its release, as the COVD-19 is already locked all of us at home, but here is something coming up to rescue us from boredom.

    Sucker Punch productions are the developers, and Sony Interactive Entertainment is the publishers of the upcoming videogame Ghost of Tsushima.
    The game is directed by the Nate fox, composed by Shigeru Umebayashi and Artist involved are Jason Connell and Dan Milligan.

    Initially, the release date of the upcoming video game was set to be on June 26, 2020. but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the release date is delayed. To know the release date of the video game and many more exciting things about the Ghost of Tsushima, then please keep reading with us.


    Ghost of Tsushima is a single game player game that can be played from the third-person perspective. And I have many features in an open world where players can roam around and explore new things and places.
    The setting of the game is set in the late 13th century, which features the various regions like fields, shrines, countryside, ancient forests where players will get immerse in the adventure.

    Here is the announcement by the Nate fox: Director of Ghost of Tsushima, on the setting of the game:
    As per the statement by the Nate Fox: Director of Ghost of Tsushima, about the setting of the game is that “As they are historically inspired, they were about to set the location of Ghost of Tsushima to back 1274 Japan. But while respecting the emotional sentiments of some culturally involved people, we are not rebuilding the exact Tsushima island but something similar”.

    Here are the characters of the game:

    Jin Sakai (Daisuke Tsuji),
    Onibaba (Minae Noji),
    High Priestess (Hira Ambrosino),
    Ippei the Monk (Keisuke Hoashi),
    Patrick Gallagher as Khotun Khan.

    So here are the release date and new updates regarding the upcoming video game:

    After the delay due to COVD-19, the ghost of Tsushima is set to be released on July 17, 2020, and will be available on Play station 4. The trailer of the upcoming game is already out, which was released on March 5, 2020.


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