Jay Z: Net Worth, Achievements, Life and more. Everything you need to know! Latest updates!


    We can call him an ideal man in professional life – he started his career in 1995 and resealed his debut song ‘Reasonable Doubt’ in 1996, which made his existence in the industry. Afterward, he never stopped. He released 12 albums, which were massive hits.

    People dream of getting into Billboard 200, but it is very common for him to hit the ranks in it. Not only in music stream, but he also marked his footprints even in other industries while he launched his clothing retailer Rocawear in 1999, and in 2003 he came up with a luxury sports bra chain 40/40 club.


    Special Achievements of Jay Z

    Having a Net worth of 1billion dollars in 2020 is very natural. He has done a lot in different industries, whether it is music, clothing, media. Everywhere he got is fame and respect.

    Earning uncountable awards, his journey is unbelievable. In total, he won 22 Grammy Awards and stood for the first rapper to be honored into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. He also received the ‘Salute to Industry Icons’ Award at the 60th Grammy award function.

    Early Life Jay Z

    Born as Corey Carter in Brooklyn, New York, on December 4, 1969, he was raised in Marcy Houses, a housing project in Brooklyn’s Bedford- Stuyvesant neighborhood. After his father, his mother managed all three siblings.

    According to his lyrics, he shot his older brother in the shoulder for stealing jewelry; then, he attended high school until it was closed. He changed and got into Trenton Central High School with other rappers. Through his interviews, we got to know he sold Cocaine and even got shot 3 times.

    Forbes stressed to verify some of his financial assets if we include them it will surely cross 3.3 billion$. He is a pure businessman with a running mind; we cannot expect him to stop this early he will surely come up with something new.

    There is no doubt he earned this, and he deserved this.




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