Jesse McCartney reveals his next album will be his “most personal”. All the exciting details are here!


    It is usually said that love influences life and for the better, and for Jesse McCartney, it has proved to affect in a more creative way. The singer spoke in a recent interview about his upcoming album.

    All About Jesse McCartney’s Latest Album

    Jesse’s music has always been captivating and catchy for the fans as they drool over all his albums, but this time he came out to promise that the upcoming album is more creative and honest. The singer asserted that it’s hard not to be creative when someone is in love. He has revealed more details of the love life and went on accepting that his life is more than ever inspired since he fell in love with Katie Peterson, who is now his fiancé.

    He admitted that this album is the most personal and coming out to be one of his best writings. He regards the credit to the fact that he no longer has to worry about who he is gonna be with for a lifetime.

    Jesse McCartney’s Personal Life 

    The engagement of Jesse and Katie was announced on September 14, 2019, and they revealed their plans to marry soon. Katie was also the main feature in his latest release, “Yours.” Jesse’s statement on the same was, “It was like a fresh to me, a fresh spin on a love song. It’s very heartfelt, vulnerable, and romantic. It checks all the boxes!”

    Katie is undoubtedly the muse for Jesse’s music, but he also asserted that his own journey is also quite inspirational to him. He exclaimed of being thankful for everything that he has got now, after all this time.

    After dropping two singles in 2018, he had spent 2019 writing and creating something new for the fans bringing back the vulnerable era of music.

    And now, Jesse is all set to walk down the aisle with his eight-year-long sweetheart. Due to the current situation, it seems hard to be planned now, but the couple has prepared and arranged for a beautiful venue in the springtime next year.

    We highly anticipate hearing more of Jesse’s music at this new stage of his career! Till then, don’t forget to tune in to “Yours.”


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