MILLIONS WILL DIE From Coronavirus If Lockdown Is Removed From All States


    The United States has shut down the business and has applied lockdown restrictions to contain rapidly spreading coronavirus pandemic. The lockdown has already been spanned for nearly two months, and the shutdown has hit the economy very hard, and 30.3 million Americans have already filed for unemployment within six weeks.

    The various States in the country are ready to ease the lockdown restrictions and resume business as usual. The returning of businesses might help a little bit to promote an economy that has been slid deeper into recession due to the coronavirus shut down, but it would notoriously create an enormous problem—millions of Americans could die right away.

    President Trump has frequently talked about resuming business, easing lockdown restrictions, and re-growing the downgraded economy. If the current lockdown is removed, millions of people will die because it would be violently challenging to prevent the virus and save people’s lives. The economy is the country’s biggest priority, but when saving economy compromises saving people’s lives, it is essential to follow the latter.

    The country already confirmed 1,271,059 infected cases, with 75,558 deaths as of Thursday. Even though the numbers are spiking and public health officials have warned that social distancing guidelines and lockdown are needed throughout the summer, various states in the US have started lifting lockdown.

    Hundreds protested Saturday in cities across America against coronavirus-related lockdowns  (Photo by ARIANA DREHSLER / AFP)

    Lifting Lockdown Means People Will Die, More People

    Georgia, Oklahoma, Alaska, Colorado, Tennessee, and South Carolina have allowed the business to re-open, even those which are non-essential. Restaurants, schools, and churches were opened in those states including Montana, and Michigan. North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska Wyoming, and Utah—the eight states run by Republican governors—never issue a mandatory order to stay inside the home and implemented lockdown guidelines.

    Yes, people need hope for the future to love, but lifting lockdowns and allowing them to work outside of the home again wouldn’t do any good. Instead, the removal of lockdown would bring severe consequences. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently publicised that the country or states should set out six criteria to ease out lockdown that includes control over the transmission, availability of additional capacity in health sectors, treatment of patients, minimizing outbreak risks, preventing measures in school and workplace, following social distancing guidelines.


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