Popular South Korean Rom-Com “Hi Bye, Mama!” Will Not Return Next Time As the Makers Cancel Season 2! Read the Full Story Here


    Season 1 of the popular South Korean fantasy drama Hi Bye, Mama! Recently come to its end on April 19, 2020, and the viewers just can’t resist the temptations to watch another season. This typical South-Korean rom-com has stood out with its intriguing storyline filled with hilarious ghostly elements and adorable romance.

    The show initially premiered on February 22, 2020, on tv and Netflix, the original distributors of the show. Renowned actress Kim Tae-hee features as the lead in the series. Season 1 gave us a very beautiful closure but also a strong desire to see more of it. So, will the series have a season 2? Let’s figure out.

    Hi Bye, Mama! Season 2

    The production of season 1 was completed after a lot of difficulties with many changes and delays in filming schedules, but the makers had always seen the series as a one-off only.

    Cryptic statements from the cast teased that there might NOT be a second season for the series. On the one hand, their statements sounded just like any normal thank-you note to the fans for giving their love to the show while on the other, it seemed like a FINAL goodbye.

    However, the showrunners haven’t given an official statement regarding season 2. So there are also possibilities that the series will be renewed for another season, and if that happens, we can expect season 2 by early 2022.

    Until then, Fingers Crossed!

    What to Expect from Hi Bye, Mama! Season 2

    [Spoiler Alert!]

    Hi Bye, Mama! Covers the story of a mother (Yu-ri) who, after being dead for five years, suddenly gets an opportunity to reincarnate as a human after spending 49 days on Earth and finding the rightful place for herself. This is followed by many thrilling events as she faces the revelation that her husband (Gang-Hwa) had married another woman (Min-Jeong) after Yuri died. She spends her time on EarthEarth with her family and friends and, most importantly, her little daughter Seo-Woo.

    When the day finally comes for Yuri to make a choice between living further or dying again, she sadly chooses to leave. She did so because if she would’ve chosen to stay on Earth, Seo-woo will be watching other ghosts around her for eternity.

    Are Makers Considering The Renewal Of Korean Drama "Hi Bye, Mama" With "Season 2"?? The Latest Of Updates Are Here!!!

    Thus to save her daughter, a mother makes the ultimate sacrifice and puts Min-Jeong and Gang-Hwa on the mantle to take care of Seo-woo and give her all the love that she needs. In the final scene of the season, we saw a grown-up Seo, who’s now a teenager living happily with Min and Gang, keeping Yuri alive in her heart.

    Tears came gushing through the eyes of the fans after watching this ending. A good finale, isn’t it? But what if there’s more? What is there’s still a chance that Yuri can come back? Or what if she never left?

    So, if there’s a season 2, we may get the answers to these questions as Seo lives the life of a teenager,r and the other characters wait for Yuri to return, once and for all!

    Who Will Come Back for Hi Bye, Mama! Season 2??

    Since there was no actual death in season 1 (expect Yuri’s), we can have the whole cast back to reprise their respective roles. This includes Kim Tae-hee as Yu-ri (We saw her leave, but there can’t be a second season without her), Lee Kyu-Hyung as Gang-Hwa and Go Bo-Gyeol as Min-jung.

    Seo Woo-Jin, who played the child Seo-Woo, might not return as the character grew up by the end. So, Park Jung-Yeon will continue the role of a teenager.

    Others, such as Kim Mi-Kyung, Park Soo-young, Shin Dong-mi,n, and Yoon Sa-bong, will also make their appearance in season 2.

    Even though there’s no confirmation for the next season of Hi Bye, Mama!, we still look forward to an exhilarating renewal of the show and a power-packed return of our beloved characters.


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