The Feed Season 2: Plot, Release Date, Cast, Reasons to watch and much more!


    Amazon released a new show called ‘The Feed’ on Nov 22, 2019. The Feed is a show we can relate easily. And if you have watched parasite, you’ll understand the concept of this show too.

    A psychological-tech-thriller series based on the insertion of all-pervasive technology in the brains of people. These insertions cause people to instantly share their brain information (thoughts, feelings, etc.). It is an amazing fiction show after Black Mirror sealed the deal. One whole episode’s concept of Black Mirror is similar to The Feed.

    What is the plot for the show?

    It introduces us to the world of technology. The time for the characters to see the good side of it is less. It becomes difficult for the people of London city to control it. Hackers and already prepared information get close to leaking, and the President gets assassinated.

    Season one is based on the novel of the same name by Nick Clark Windo. Bea is the protagonist; she is the granddaughter of the creator Lawrence Hatfield. Her parents are Tom and Kate. It is the Hatfield family’s responsibility to stop the destruction.
    The second season will probably highlight the reasons for kidnapping and the revelation of Bea’s kidnappers.

    The Feed Season 2 Cast

    The following is the cast of the show according to IMDB:

    • ¬†David Thewlis as Lawrence Hatfield
    • Guy Burnet as Tom Hatfield
    • Nina Toussaint White as Kate
    • Michelle Fairley as Meredith Hatfield
    • Osi Ikhele as Max

    Why is The Feed Season 2 a must-watch?

    • Psychological-Tech-Thriller.
    • Novel Based.
    • The devastation of life due to technology.
    • Produced by the writers of the ‘The Walking Dead.’

    The Feed Season 2 Release Date

    The Feed aired season one in 2019, Nov 22. Ten long episodes released together on the same date. If mind-blowing stories intrigue you, definitely watch this show.

    Season one finale left in a way we can expect another season this year-end or 2021 start is foreseeing the situation of COVID-19.

    The Feed Season 2 Trailer

    The answer to that question is unfortunately No.

    But if you haven’t seen the show yet…

    Check out Season one trailer:

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