The Masked Season 3 Episode 9 : who got unmasked know about the spoilers and latest update!!!!!!!!


    If you haven’t caught up the ninth episode of The Masked Singers season 3, we have a great spoiler and revelation for you.

    As the groups and singers give each other head to head competition. In episode 9, we saw the downfall of one of the members of Group C, known as T-Rex. She made her debut in the competition by performing ” So What” by P!nk and ” Push it”  by Salt-n-Pepa in the eighth episode. But unfortunately, in the ninth episode, she got evicted from Group C.

    We all know that after the eviction, the contestant has to unmask themselves, and this has got to be the moment of truth and anticipation. So do you know who was behind the mask of T-Rex?  Well!  She was revealed to be  “JoJo” Siwa. The former Dance Mom star who appeared along with her mother for two seasons, actress and YouTube personality.

    The departure of T-Rex (JoJo Siwa) left Group C with three Masked singers who made it to the super nine. Let’s see who are they :

    • Night Angel
    • Rhino
    • Astronaut

    Latest Updates!!!!!

    The last episode of The Masked Singers season 3 aired yesterday on May 6, 2020. Further out of eighteen contestants, only four contestants are left. They are Frog, Rhino, Night Angel, and Turtle. The main question lingering everyone is who will be the winner and, most importantly, who are the four behind that mask.

    Also, we hate to give you spoilers, but the one who got evicted on May 6, 2020, is Kitty, a.k.a Jackie Evancho. An American cross over singer who gained recognition at an early age to issue platinum-selling ep. She also holds second place in America’s Got Talent when she was just ten years old.

    About the show The Masked Singers

    If you haven’t come across this entertaining show yet, then you should, for sure, give it a watch. The show originated from South Korea, and now it has become and turned into a music game show franchise.

    The Masked Singer 3 of American version aired on February 2, 2020, as the Super Bowl LIV lead-out program. The show includes eighteen incognito or anonymous singers competing with each other, by covering themselves in different costumes and masks.

    "Masked Singer Season 3": Who Made Way To Home In "Episode 9" And What Was The Real Identity Of The Singer??

    Before every performance, a hint is given in the form of a video package to guess the contestant’s identity. The Singers perform in their own voice under their hood. Further, the audience and panelists give their votes in accordance with their performance, and the contestant with the least votes is eliminated or unmasked to reveal they’re true identity.


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