The Meaning of Elon Musk’s Newly Born Baby’s Alienish Name “X Æ A-12” Finally Explained!


    The founder and chief engineer of SpaceX recently welcomed his first baby child with the Canadian singer, Grimes, on Monday. Soon after revealing that both the mother and child were safe and sound, he announced the name of their child in bizarre Musk-fashion.

    Musk tweeted that he and his girlfriend named the baby X Æ A-12 Musk, and since then, the Internet has been flooded with memes resembling the baby to an alien and questioning the real meaning of the name. People were utterly confused with the never listened-before name and have asked for the clarifications.

    While many people asked whether the Tesla co-founder was serious about the naming, thanks to his girlfriend Grimes, she took Twitter and explained the real meaning behind X Æ A-12.

    X just stands for a random variable and no other hidden meaning, but the other letters have multiple meanings. Æ is basically a ligature of ‘a’ and ‘e’ and is also sometimes referred to Ash. But according to the singer, Æ means the elven spelling of Ai, which further denotes Artificial Intelligence or Chinese word for love.

    A-12, according to the singer, is a Lockheed planed developed by the US for CIA, and the plane is also their favorite aircraft. The aircraft was established in the mid-60s and is famous for its speed. A-12 is a precursor to SR-17 (Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird) and can travel up to 2,000 miles per hour. The spy plane is excellent in battle but is non-violence.

    A in A-12 also resembles Archangel, which the singer’s favorite song. But she didn’t reveal the artist’s name that composed Archangel. The song name has been used by famous singers and musician bands like Elena Siegman, Two Steps from Hell, and Burial. Most of the fans believe the song is from British electronic artist, Burial.

    The name is complicated but great; however, we don’t think that little X Æ A-12 Musk will have the same name for real because the name violates the naming law of a child in California.

    A Twitter user has decoded the name and claimed X Æ A-12 to be Kyle. X is a Greek letter called Chi and is pronounced as Ki. Æ is pronounced as AI, and A-12 resembles the 12th letter in the alphabet—L. If we put all these together, the name would be pronounced as Ki-Ai-L or Kyle, for that matter.



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