“Google Pixel Buds” Are Here Finally: See What’s The New Features You Are Getting In Comparison To Its Predecessors!!!


    After several months of waiting, Google’s Pixel Buds have finally arrived, which you can pre-order. As compared to the original pixel buds these are far better than them. They sit very well in the ear and are also slim as well as possess a discreet body. The inherent security of the in-ear design is combined by a three-point anchor system. It comes along with a soft silicone stabilizer, which helps in preventing the movement of the earbud once it is in its place.

    From the previous generation of the buds, this generation has certainly an upgrade in terms of the features which it has, and when we talk about the battery life of the buds, then there seems to be no change when compared to the previous generation.

    "Google Pixel Buds" Are Here Finally: See What's The New Features You Are Getting In Comparison To Its Predecessors!!!

    From a single charge, you get up to five hours of battery life when the charging case’s internal capacity is included, then the battery life of the buds increases for up to 24 hours.

    The charging options for the buds have now changed. Along with using the USB-C charging, you can also charge the buds wirelessly by using any Qi-compatible charger. Now there is no need to tap the buds to use the Google Assistant. Now everything can be handled by the voice of the user.

    By means of your Android phone, you can locate the Bluetooth headphone within the Find My Device app. Their last known location will be shown that they are not connected. The operating system of the Android will also show you the battery levels of your buds. They also possess a translate feature. The in-built microphones in the buds will translate the foreign language into your language in real-time.


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