What is the Net Worth of American Rapper and Producer Lil Pump? Get the Latest Information here!


    The rap game has become much popular in the past few years in the entertainment industry. With numerous rappers setting their foot in this arena, the fight for the crown, or say, fame has become even harder. American rapper and songwriter Lil Pump is also one of the many successful faces in this industry.

    Lil Pump, known for the explicit lyrics of his electrifying songs and over usage of drugs, has achieved a lot in his career at a very young age. From great record deals to chart-topping singles, the rapper has startled everyone with his success.

    If you’re wondering how much would be Lil Pump’s probable net worth, then you’ll find the answers down below.

    Lil Pump: Net Worth

    Lil Pump has always kept himself engaged in making music and earns his living through this way only. As of 2020, the net worth of the 19-year-old rapper, including all his assets, is reported to be 8 Million USD!

    By making two smashing studio albums and 21 singles, Pump has worked for dignitary labels, with the Warner Bros. Records being at the top. He currently lives a posh life in his hometown Miami, Florida, in a grand house and owns several luxury cars.

    He is also active on Twitter and Instagram with a whopping following of 17.7 M on the latter.

    Lil Pump: Career

    Lil Pump had started making music at a very young age. In 2013, he met the American rapper Smokepurpp, and the two eventually started collaborating. His first venture was an independent single “Lil Pump” produced by Smokepurpp, which was released on SoundCloud. From then, he had set the pace of his journey in this industry.

    Singles like D Rose and Boss by him were subsequent hits on SoundCloud and YouTube, with the former achieving more than 140 Million views!

    Lil Pump got the biggest breakthrough in his career with the song “Gucci Gang” in 2017, which surprisingly bagged the 3rd place in the Billboard Hot 100 list.

    Right after this, he worked on the record deal signed with The Lights Global and Warner Bros. Records and released his debut album “Lil Pump” on October 6, 2017, featuring many other rappers. He has also worked with artists like DJ Khaled, XXXTentacion, and Gucci Mane.

    Further, in 2018, he came up with songs like “Esskeetit” and “I Love It” (with Kanye West), both of which were huge global successes. His second studio album Harvard Dropout, which was expected back in 2018, originally came out in February 2019, featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Offset, and others.

    Lil Pump’s latest single, titled ILLUMINATI ft. Anuel AA was released in April 2020 and has shown positive numbers with the official video of the song achieving 14 Million views to the date. The fans can expect more energizing songs from the rapper in the coming future.

    Lil Pump: Personal Life

    Originally named as Gazzy Garcia, Lil Pump was born on August 27, 2000, in Miami and has lived there since. He once stated that he is of Columbian descent and that his parents had separated when he was a child. Gazzy had been expelled multiple times from every school he enrolled in due to his unacceptable and impulsive behavior.

    He says that he faces dyslexia and finds difficulty in reading. He has also been arrested several times for illegally carrying weapons and drugs.

    Anyways, such young talent is strongly appreciated, and we hope to see more of it in the future.


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