“Dark”: Lot Of Questions To Be Answered!! Will It All Be Done In “Season 3” As Makers Announced Or There Is Long Way??


    The German Science fiction thriller series Dark will be back with the third season. The series had its last season in July 2019 with its second season. Dark, which houses a theme of time travel, has really taken the viewers into a different version not conceived before.


    The first season came out in December 2017 through the digital streaming service Netflix. Many compared with the series with Stranger Things at first but had to change their opinion later. With generally positive reviews, Dark had a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 89%. The second season which came out on June 21, 2019, opened up to critical acclaim.

    It showed a massive increase in its viewership and also in the ratings. The series was lauded by critics for changing the traditional concept of time travel and for the perfect execution of the plotline, which offered no loopholes.

    "Dark": Lot Of Questions To Be Answered!! Will It All Be Done In "Season 3" As Makers Announced Or There Is Long Way??

    Ratings jumped up to reach 100% in Rotten Tomatoes. Even the directors of the series said that they didn’t expect such a reception for the second season. But it exceeded all their expectations and went on to gain a global fan base. Many sought out the date of the renewal, but it was announced even before the release of the second.


    There is no exact release date fixed yet on the release of the third season. But in 2019, they had announced that it would be in 2020. Our best possible bet is that it will come out on June 27, 2020. It is the date of the apocalypse in the series. The second season came out on July 21, the date on which Michael committed suicide. But the coronavirus pandemic may offer a delay to the release. Fans have been on their toes waiting for the next season.

    The second season ended in such an unprecedented manner. When we saw a new Martha beside the dying one, we thought that she might be in from another timeline. But her reply shook everyone to the core. She said that she was not of this world.

    "Dark": Lot Of Questions To Be Answered!! Will It All Be Done In "Season 3" As Makers Announced Or There Is Long Way??

    This was really a tectonic event because even though we dealt with the twisted aspects of time travel, we never dealt with the possibility of alternate realities. And Martha’s response showed us that it is very much in the series. The last episode also offered another twist when we saw that Charlotte is actually Elisabeth’s and Noah’s daughter. This meant that she is the daughter of her own daughter.

    SEASON 4?

    What can possibly make us go nuts apart from that? Fans want to know how all of this came about. They are also dying to know how Jonas became Adam. The fight between himself and his older self, concerning the cycle of events is the most intriguing of all. As the apocalypse has happened, what will be the next part of the cycle? Will the cycle be broken, or will it go in the same loop as of now? Above all, we are waiting to know if the third season will actually be the final one. The makers did announce that season 3 would be the end of Dark. But, some guess there’s still a lot to be told and that we may see a renewal. If it does, it will be something the fans will love, and probably the show will have a legacy of its own.


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