Speculations Suggest Instead Of “Demon Slayer Season 2” A Movie Will Be Released: What’s The Truth??


    The first season of the Demon Slayer had released on 6th April 2019. Over the period of one year, the first season had earned a mass appeal, with millions of fans all over the world. The first season received an average 8.8/10 rating on IMDB. It got 4.9/5 on Crunchyroll. Based on the success of the first season, the makers decided to go for a second season. Read below to find out everything that we know so far about the new season.

    Release Date of Season 2

    The first season released one year ago. Since then, we have had a long wait before any update about the second season. However, the fans need to wait even longer for the second season. There were also rumors that instead of the second season, there may be a movie. That, however, is not happening.

    Speculations Suggest Instead Of "Demon Slayer Season 2" A Movie Will Be Released: What's The Truth??

    There will be a new season, but as far as the news goes, it will not release before 2021. Therefore, we all need to be patient for the release of the new season until next year.

    Cast and Characters of Season 2

    The second season will see the return of the main characters from the first season. However, with the advancement of the plot, there may be a few additions as well. The characters back on this season are Kyojuro Rengoku (Satoshi Hino), Emma (Daisuke Hirakawa), Nezuko Kemado (Akara Kito). The others are Tanjiro Kamada, played by Natsuki Hanae, Inosuke Hashibara, played by Yoshitsugu Matsouka, Zenitsu Agatsuma, played by Hiro Shimono.

    The plot of Season 2

    There is still not any update or reveal on the plot for the second season. In the first season, Nezuko became a demon. At the same time, his brother tried to put in or rather evoke some emotions in him. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what happens after that. There is no update on the plot quite yet as the production has stopped. The work would only resume after the pandemic is over. Only after that, we would know how the new season unfolds. Stay tuned for more interesting stories and details on the season.


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