Is the popular game Starfield developed by BGS? What else do we know about the updated season?? All news about it is here!!


    Starfield is a video game developed by Bethesda game studios. This video game release date, genre, and Platform will be released soon.

    About the BGS:

    Bethesda game studio was established in 2001. It is an American based Video game developer. The parent company of BGS is Zenimax  Media. BGS is the branch of the Bethesda software development unit, which is responsible for Publication.

    Bethesda game studio headquarters is in Maryland in the united states. The director of this StudioStudio is Ashley Cheng. This firm operates three satellite studios along with 400 employees.

    The official website of this company is, and this company has developed many video games.

    Developed Video games :

    This firm developed many video games such as The elder scroll three Morrowind is based on action role played and supported for windows and box in 2002. The same game of version 4 is developed in 2006 for the same Platform with the addition of Play station 3.

    Fallout 3 and 4 is developed in 2008 and 2015, respectively. The genre of the game is Action role play is developed for Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and Playstation 3 and 4.

    In 2004, IHRA drag racing was developed for PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

    Game series of Starfield:

    This StudioStudio developed two-game series such as The elder scroll and fallout.

    The  Elder scroll series such as three, four, five with Special edition and VR and blades.

    Fallout series are 3,4 with VR and 76.

    Release Date of Starfield

    The developing video games are Starfield and The elder scroll six; there is no official announcement of Platform and genre. The release date will be announced soon.

    Awards received by Starfield

    BGS studios received one award is a spike video game award in the category of Studio of the year in 2011 and nominated for the developer of the year category in the Game Awards.

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