“NASA” Developed A Video Game To Study Coral Reefs And Human Threats To It: See Who Can Play It??


    The global coral crisis has been rising due to irregular temperature, acidification, pollution, and many other issues through human activities. All these could destroy the species living in the coral reefs.

    Coral reefs are filled with fish, corals, sea turtles, lobsters, and many others. The number of benefits provided by coral reefs is countless.

    It’s a shelter for many marine organisms, provides many other important nutrients, and there are lots of advantages that keep things healthy. 

    NASA has been using special cameras to check the threats underwater. However, it ended up in complex calculations and failed to understand the threats deeply.

    Even though it is known that this crisis happens due to human activities, the authorities felt much difficulty in measuring the depth of its causes. Hence, scientists have decided to use video games to map the coral reefs in the oceans around the world. 

    In fact, this video game is a machine learning neural network where the authorities can deeply check the state of the ocean. 

    "NASA" Developed A Video Game To Study Coral Reefs And Human Threats To It: See Who Can Play It??


    The game is called Nemo-Net and can be used by IOS and Mac users. It will allow you to dive deep into a vessel named Nautilus situated on the ocean floor. Once the vessel is reached, it will be easy to spot and divide the corals.


    It is said that anybody can play the game and map it accordingly. As people start playing the game and trying to understand the situation of the ocean floor and threats, it will make the mapping quite easier for the supercomputers. Now that sounds great. Right?

    One way or the other human being is the main reason for this crisis, and only we can help to overcome this crisis and prevent the coral reefs from being threatened again.

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