What Plans Do “Netflix” Have For The Renewal Of “OA” For Season 3: What’s The Reason For Cancellation??


    The producers of the science fiction series, The OA is back with it’s the third season? Well, this is a question that arises from every fan of The OA. 

    The series made its debut in December 2016 and aired on Netflix. Later it got renewed for a second season and was released in March 2019. Generally, we all love to watch series with genres such as mystery, sci-fi, supernatural, fantasy, and many others. 

    The OA is quite a different series, with all these elements put together. 

    Release Date of The OA season 3

    Unfortunately, the show makers have decided to put an end to the series with its second season as the final one. 

    What Plans Do "Netflix" Have For The Renewal Of "OA" For Season 3: What's The Reason For Cancellation??

    As fans, you will definitely be willing to know why it got canceled. Right? Well, some of the sources had mentioned that it was canceled due to the lead actor, Brit Marling, being injured. While some others say that the first and second season did not attract the viewers as they expected. 


    What’s The OA all about?

    The OA revolves around the missing girl, Prairie Johnson. At first, she was blind. However, after seven years, she returns and calls herself the Original Angel(OA) and gets her vision back. Everyone around her wonders where she has been all these years and how she got her vision. Anyways, she does not tell anybody about it except four people. 

    She reveals how she lived and asks them to help to rescue other people who went missing. In the second season, they try their level best to finish their mission. Moreover, the second season ends in a shocking way. 

    However, it’s such sad news for the fans to hear the cancellation of the show. 


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