Netflix’s Extraction 2 Confirmed? Expected Release Date, Cast, Plot and much more!

Did you enjoy a mercenary protecting a crime lord’s son?

Did you enjoy the gunfights? The car chase? The combats?

Of course, you did! Chris Hemsworth+Action and Thriller= Blockbuster!

Netflix’s Extraction released on 24th April 2020. A story filled with action-packed sequences portrays a mercenary protecting a crime lord’s son and securing the subject in the initial 10 minutes of the movie and then the journey of the escape from the clutches of death. To sum up, Extraction is particularly Call Of Duty or CounterStrike or PUBG in the form of a 2-hour blockbuster.

Now, Let’s cut to the chase!

Will there be an Extraction 2?

The answer won’t disappoint you! Because it is Yes!

The news came in after a few weeks of the release of Extraction. Moreover, Joe Russo will be back for writing another great script.

Extraction 2 Plot

Extraction ended with Ovi(Rudhraksh Jaiswal) escaping and Tyler(Chris Hemsworth) falling off the bridge and most probably dying. Although It also showed that when Ovi escapes, there is a figure watching over him in some distance. However, the identity of the figure is not revealed. The audience was left to question whether Tyler is still alive and is the figure watching over Ovi.

However, now, Extraction 2 could move forward with Tyler Rake on a new mission. Or… show Ovi as an adult and following the footsteps of his savior Tyler or his father, ‘The Crime Lord.’ The sequel might also clear the mystery of the figure.

Extraction 2 Cast

The CastCast and crew for the sequel are still unknown. The return of Chris Hemsworth as the protagonist is also a big question mark.

Extraction 2 Release Date

The sequel of Netflix’s Extraction will likely take several years before it’s actually released.

This is because the movie is still in its pre-production stage. And the journey from the pre-production stage to the post-production stage is going to be very long. For the reason that movies’ like Extraction require big budgets, more time in pre-production in order to plan and rehearse stunts and more VFX work in post-production.

Moreover, If Chris Hemsworth is to return for the sequel, the producers will have to work around his schedule. Hemsworth is currently engaged in big Marvel projects, namely Thor: Love and Thunder and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

In addition, The Corona Virus Pandemic is already delaying the production of numerous projects. Therefore, Extraction 2 will hit Netflix in 2023 at the earliest.

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