The “Third Generation Airpods” Will Be Launched In May Alongside “MacBook Pro Refresh”?? Here’s What We Know!!!

It seems like Apple is about to launch more of its products this year. I mean, they have released new versions of the iPhone and now the AirPods along with MacBook pro.

The news about the launching of AirPods in May came from Jon Prosser. He was one who revealed the exact release date of the iPhone SE.

Launch Date 

Apple was about to release the AirPods along with the MacBook Pro in March itself. However, it had to be canceled due to certain issues. Mainly due to the rise of coronavirus.

But, as per the current information from the tweets of Jon Prosser, the third generation AirPods will be released in May 2020. 


So, what will be the price, design, and updated features of the new version of the airport? Well, we may have to wait until May as the authorities have not yet given any kind of information regarding it. 

The "Third Generation Airpods" Will Be Launched In May Alongside "MacBook Pro Refresh"?? Here's What We Know!!!

Maybe it will consist of the same features as the airport pro, which was released last year. At the same time, we may find some other enhanced features too.

The first AirPods that Apple had ever made was launched in the year 2016 and was available to use in iPhones, iPads, Windows, and Android. It was, in fact, a simple set up built-in ios.

Whereas the second-generation AirPods launched in 2019. Even it had all the amazing features, including noise cancellation and used to be available for Windows, Macintosh and Apple watch.

Moreover, the cost of the second version of the AirPod is just like the first one. 

What made the features more interesting was the improvement made in the audio and the enhancement of talking time even though it did not have any different designs or colors.

Maybe, the third generation will come with a few other fantastic features or maybe even with a design or different colors. However, we cannot confirm what it is going to be except wait for it to be launched.

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