Battlefield 6 is coming up anytime soon!! How excited are the gamers about this? Get to know every detail here!!

Are you a gamer and crazy about playing games. Then you will also be familiar with the EA game company. Obviously, when the EA game company comes in our mind at that time, it always remembers us of Fifa. Fifa was one of the most amazing productions of EA company.

So this game company has also developed a game named Battlefield, which was launched in the year of 1942. In other words, you can even tell that this game is one of the oldest games in gaming history. The first part was so much success that there was also the 2nd part by giving the successful hits of games. EA has come to the 6th part. So here, you will get all the information about the 6th part of Battlefield.

When will be the Battlefield Season 6 release?

There is always good news being announced by the makers of Battlefield. They have even declared the exact release date of Battlefield season 6. So the exact release date is 10th September 2020. So all the gamers around the world are ready for the new and advanced game Battlefield season 6.

If Battlefield season 6 is the new season, then it obvious that there will be new features also. Come let us know all the features.

What are the features you will get from Battlefield season 6?

Firstly the main features of Battlefield season 6 are that you will get all the customized weapons. These customized weapons will always help you to win the game without any kind of chaos. Apart from this, Battlefield Season 6 is basically a type of single-player game. That means you can’t play with your friends.

What will be the main plotline of the Battlefield season 6?

According to the hints given by the EA game, it has been noted that in this part, the main plotline will be based upon World War II. The exact plotline is really not known, but they are giving hints day by day. EA company has even noted the main cause of the delay of Battlefield season 6. This is all due to there is a great expectation the gamers have from EA Games.