Everything you need to know about the upcoming game Minecraft with RTX. Check out the updates about the new features and alot more!!

Well, Minecraft has been able to rule the gaming surface like crazy. This one has never failed us when it comes to its features with top-notch modern warfare, which is filled with strategic equipment and the art of creating almost anything. It has been able to reach globally, and fans have been loving this game for a very long time.

What are the new features of Minecraft with RTX?

Now, let’s take a look at an upgraded version of this game, which has been named as “Minecraft with RTX. It will be a Public Beta version, which was announced by Nvidia on 16 April.

This game is somewhat tricky in its way when it comes to the way it showed as the whole thing will look like the way how the light behaves on a particular object from a certain angle, which means there will be real-life calculations and reflections. The game was named the way Nvidia graphic cards are named.

The breakthrough updates of Minecraft with RTX!!

The new game will be able to provide more than two features in which we basically are going to witness the game. As there are only two features in the previous game, which were color and opacity, but in this one, there will be height, the roughness of the surface, and also with retracted light when we will look at water and also the polished surface of any floor will be visible.

The main game will be available for anyone who has the Windows 10 version of the game with Nvidia RTX GPU with at least Intel i5 with 8 GB RAM, and you will be able to find it in Microsoft Store.

The trailer of the game has been released, and it’s just amazing to look at the trailer with smooth gameplay and swift movements down the lane. It’s looking pretty good.

With that, the beta version will provide a more flexible way to construct each and every item which you would like to have in this blocky world.