LeBron James Caught Cheating on His Wife. For whom LeBron cheating on Savannah?


    Life of Celebrities is something which is so much in the news. Whether it is about their professional affairs or personal affairs. Cheating and ditching is something that has become common. Players, actors, or even politicians are now in this category. If we talk about players then recently one of the basketball players, that is, LeBron James is surrounded by the rumors of cheating upon his wife whom he had married in 2013.

    All about LeBron James

    LeBron James is a professional basketball player in America. He played for Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA or National Basketball Association. He is one of the best basketball players in the world and sometimes even get compared with Michael Jordan. He has won four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, two gold medals in Olympic and three Finals MVP Awards.

    LeBron James

    He was married to his long time lover, whose name is Savannah Brinson, who is just two years younger than him and had two children with him. Recently this 35-year-old player is surrounded by the news of cheating upon his long time lover and now wife, Savannah.

    LeBron James with Savannah Brinson

    With whom is LeBron James cheating on Savannah?

    The 6.9 feet tall NBA player James cheating on his wife Savannah for an Instagram model whose name is Sofia Jamora. The news came on fire when the wife of Nick Vaneett, Haliti, updated a post on Instagram and accused LeBron of cheating upon his wife. She wrote that she could not be a fan of those who cheat upon their wives, and she tagged Sofia Jamora in it. According to some rumors, Haliti even has some evidence which she is going to reveal soon.

    What is Sofia Jamora‘s response?

    Jamora, who is recently in the news because of the rumored affair with LeBron, said that she is just a huge fan of basketball and especially of NBA. Jamora tweeted on May 3, 2020, that some words really hurt her, but later on, that tweet was found to be deleted, which somewhere proves the rumored affair.

    Sofia Jamora

    It is not the first time that LeBron James is accused of cheating his wife, Savannah. In 2016 he was in the news for having an affair with Rachel Bush. Later on, after two years, Rachel married Poyer and shut all the news.

    When it comes to the statement of Savannah or her opinion, then she is still mute and hasn’t said anything about these rumors or the accusation that Haliti had put upon James.