Overlord Season 4 is ready to release!! Know all the details about it from the release date to the Cast and even the plot here!!

Are you one of the famous fans of the animated series. Do you never miss any animated series throughout your life? So this animated series will influence you a lot. The name of the animated series is Overload season 4. We even know that there are lots of people who are familiar with this animated series. This is because the series is very much popular and it has even hot lots of positive reactions from the people.

The first season of overlord season 1 was launched in the year of 2015. The IMDB rating of Overlord is 7.8 out of 10, and it was also 81% fresh in the rotten tomatoes. So now we will be looking at the more details of Overlord season 4, which will be releasing soon.

"Overlord Season 4" Will Be A Special One: Do We Have A Release Date? What About Plot And Cast??

Expected date of Overlord season 4

The Overlord season 3 was only launched in the year 2019. When the 3 season was very much successful at that time, only the creators decided for the production of the 4th season. But now also there is no information about the releasing date of Overlord season 4. We can even assume that there will be a delay in the release of Overlord season 4. Just because of the pandemic situation the whole world is facing.

Everything You Need to Know About "Overlord Season 4". Release Date, Storyline and More.

Who are the casts included in Overlord season 4?

From the sources, there is news that we may not hear the same voice that we have heard in season 3. There is two voice from which we are very much familiar of is Satoshi Hino and Yumi Hara. So they two will again return for the voice-over of the characters.

Apart from them, the other voice over casts who will be included in Overlord season 4 includes

Manami Numakura
Masayuki Katou
Sumire Ueska

What will be the main plotline of Overlord season 4?

The season 4 story will generally revolve around the main protagonist named Aniz. This season will be one of the best seasons in the journey of Overlord. In this season, only Aniz has to prove all his strength and power. This is because his authority is under threat.