Cheaters Annoyed After Infinity Ward Updated Anti-Cheat Effort in Call of Duty: Warzone

The developers of Call of Duty: Warzone, which was released on March 10, 2020, were struggling to keep away those notorious game cheaters, but now their latest efforts look like it is making an impact.

The developer of the free battle royale video game, Infinity Ward, has enabled new security measures to avoid cheaters. New Warzone PC players, who log-in the free-to-play, need to complete two-step SMS authentication. The game is in the early days, but the effort might just be right for the moment.

The cheaters used to create a new account, download the free-to-play PC game, and return back in action after suffering a previous account ban. Infinity Ward has always claimed that there is no place for cheaters in-game, and they will work hard to provide an additional layer of securities for other honest players in the game.

The two-step authentication has somehow helped a great deal to fend off those pathetic cheaters. After IW’s new security detail was mandated, various cheaters expressed their frustration online. The cheaters reportedly spend a tremendous amount of money to buy cheats online. Now the same cheaters are warning fellow cheaters not to buy now-useless cheat because they have to have a new phone number every time they try to create a new account after a ban.

While the cheaters are annoyed with the new security detail, various players are enjoying and expressed their gratitude to Infinity Ward for going one step ahead to create a cheat-free experience. The devs have also updated their matchmaking that would allow two suspected cheaters together. Furthermore, other players, who report cheaters, will receive a notification when the suspected cheaters get banned.

Cheaters forums are now full of whining people that can’t play anymore. What a wonderful feeling. Thank you, IW. from r/CODWarzone

These recent updates have been crucial in the Infinity Ward plan to make warzone a cheat-free gaming experience. But truth be told, no videogame is cheat-free as hackers always find a way to cheat the studio’s hard work.