LeBron James Cheating His Long-Time Sweetheart, Savannah EXPOSED!! IG Model Finally Responds


    Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar and the power forward has always been hailed for being an honest and devoted family guy. The three-time NBA champion’s relationship with his high-school sweetheart Savannah Brinson has always set an example of astounding relationship goals and has inspired many. The romance that has already been stretched more two decades is now potentially on the brink of collapse after James was accused of cheating his wife.

    The Cheating Accusations!

    The cheating scandals have abundantly become common among superstars, high-profile players, and celebrities—LeBron James is no exception. The recent allegations were made by model Erza Haliti who accused James of cheating his wife Savannah Brinson with another model Sofia Jamora. The wife of Denver Broncos player Nick Vannette posted an Instagram story claiming that she never liked those guys who cheat their wife with models like @sofiajamora.

    The accusation, however, isn’t the first time the four-time MVP has received. The kid from Akron was previously speculated that he was having an affair with another Instagram model, Rachel Bush. Bush even exposed the DMs that the former Cleveland Cavaliers small forward has shared with her. But the model later retracted her initial claims.


    Soon the cheating allegations swirled through the Internet, and the Instagram model began to remove courtside images at the Staples Center. She even reportedly untagged herself from the posts and blogs that mentioned the same cheating story. The reports claimed that the wife of Denver Broncos player was just trying to defame Sofia Jamora as she had some sort of falling out with her.

    As of now, neither the James couple nor his representatives have commented on the accusation. With the 2019-20 NBA season currently on indefinite hiatus, LeBron James has been quarantining with his family at their home in Los Angeles. LeBron James regularly updates how good relationship he is having with his kids and wife amid cheating allegations.

    James and Savannah have been together through thick and thin since the age of 16, when James was just establishing himself to be the greatest player of all time. The duo welcomed their first son, LeBron James Jr in 2004 soon after he was drafted by his hometown team, Cleveland Cavaliers in First Pick. The couple then announced the birth of second son Bryce Maximus in 2007.

    The long-time sweethearts finally tied the knot in 2013 in San Diego, California, when he was with Miami Heat. James then claimed that his life has changed after the birth of their third child, and daughter Zhuri Nova in 2014. LeBron James is a committed husband and father, and all the allegations are mere publicity stunts.