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Mahershala Ali REVEALED The FIRST-LOOK of Upcoming MCU’S Blade Reboot

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Blade is officially coming to Marvel Cinematic Universe nearly after Marvel Studios Kevin Feige announced on July 20, 2019, at the fan-favorite San Diego Comic-Con.

The upcoming Blade movie will be the reboot of the original Blade film series and would eventually integrate into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fans are already exhilarated on the news even though it’s nearly two years away from the possible production. The character is regarded as one of the most influential superheroes in comic-based movies, and the film has broken several grounds.

The Studio has cast Academy Award-winning actor Mahershala Ali as Blade in the upcoming MCU’s Blade movie. Since the announcement of his portrayal surfaced, the actor has frequently updated fans with the news regarding the forthcoming half-vampire film. The actor himself took Instagram to post his appearance as Blade. The actor shared a sketch-image of the daywalker, which is, in fact, a fan art created by an artist whose username on Instagram is Maxbeechcreative.


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Mahershala Ali isn’t a new guy in comic-based movies or Marvel movies/series as he has already portrayed one of the popular Marvel characters. Ali appeared as supervillain Cornell ‘Cottonmouth’ Stokes in the first season of Netflix’s Luke Cage. Marvel didn’t plan to make a new Blade film or even cast Ali for it. It was the 46-year-old actor who called Kevin Feige with a pitch to create a new Blade film with him.

Blade is one of the most loved comic-characters from Marvel comics. The character appeared in the tenth issue of The Tomb of Dracula in July 1973 for the first time as supporting character. Blade, aka Eric Brooks, is a highly-skilled martial artist and has a set of exotic vampire-killing weapons. He is a half-vampire and hunts down vampires to protect the city and people. Wesley Snipes, the OG Eric Brooks in a live-action feature film, is happy and provided his full consent for Ali to play the superhero.

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