Mother of Actor Logan Williams, 16, Who Played Young Barry Allen in The Flash Finally Reveals the SHOCKING Death Cause

Logan Williams, the actor who played young Barry Allen in the CW’s The Flash, had died at the age of just 16 on April 2. The cause of death was unknown when the young actor died. Now, nearly after a month, his mother came forward to talk about her son’s untimely death.

The actor’s mother, Marlyse Williams, recently appeared for an interview with the New York Post, where she revealed the death cause. She explained that her son died due to a fentanyl overdose as her son was battling addiction for three years. The preliminary toxicology results confirmed the death cause that left Marlyse shattered.

Marlyse further claimed that she doesn’t want her son’s death to go in vain as she would continuously work on providing awareness related to the opioid epidemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also reported the death due to fentanyl overdose is horrifically increasing, and the death rate among teenagers and young adults is very high.

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Logan Williams was about to turn 17 on April 9. Marlyse recalled the moment when her little son landed the role in a TV movie and Hallmark film Color of Rain. But a sales rep for a dental company never thought that her son would become an actor one day. She initially thought Logan’s obsession in acting would eventually fade off with time, but she was wrong. Logan landed a role in The Whispers, the CW hit Supernatural and The Flash.

Grant Gustin, who plays titular Flash in the CW’s The Flash, posted an Instagram post where he grieved the young actor’s death. He called the death was devastating and claimed that he was always impressed with his talent and professionalism. Logan played young Barry Allen in the Flash Season 2’s episode The Man Who Saved Central City.

He received heartfelt tributes from various actors and his co-stars from several shows and films he had appeared since the age of 10.