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Hailey Baldwin Beiber Confirmed That She Didn’t Wish to Marry Justin Beiber At First

The wedding of Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin came as a shock because the two briefly dated, and JB was still attached to Selena Gomez. They reportedly reconciled in May 2018 and then had a civil marriage in September 2018.

The fans were stunned because the singer-songwriter has just ended his relationship with Selena Gomez in March 2018, reconciled with Hailey in May, and then married in September—all within seven months. Selena Gomez’s fans even accused JB of being a cheater and selfish.

The couple has already spent more than one and a half years together. They seemed to be made for each other as they regularly flaunt relationship goals images all over their social media. The couple has been quarantining together during this coronavirus pandemic. Even in this quarantine, they have continuously showing relationship goals and talking about their relationship in public.

The model and internet personality recently appeared in her church Hillsong’s YouTube channel and talked about much relationship stuff. She mentioned in the interview that she wished that she hadn’t married him [Beiber]. She also claimed that she was ridden with guilt while marrying Beiber.

She told that the initial months after their marriage were a heck of a struggle. She claimed that she always tried to be a good girl and become a perfect wife. But she now understands that the marriage isn’t realistic as she thought before tying the knot with JB. She also mentioned that she always felt guilty after making every decision and every mistake. However, she didn’t reveal those mistakes and decisions that are making her feel remorseful.

Hailey’s interview came after JB previously admitted that he should have stayed a virgin until marriage. He also expressed that sex can be confusing for a sexually active person like him. As for Hailey, she never thought she should be saved till marriage because, according to her, we all have a different experience, and the model might be right.

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