Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Walkthrough: The Complete Guide to Unlock Every Chest in MK11 Dungeon Mini-Game

Mortal Kombat 11 is the latest addition to the popular fighting game series Mortal Kombat developed by NetherRealm Studios. The fighting is what makes the game outstanding and fun, but there are lots of other stuff to do without fighting—and fans insanely love it. Yes, there is lots of stuff to do, and perhaps, the preferable one is inarguably the Mortal Kombat Krypt. This MK11 Krypt Guide will help you to understand about this mysterious location and how to unlock all the available treasures.

Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt

Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt is the mini-adventure game set inside the game, which is similar to the dungeon but with the huge amount of treasures to get your hands on. The Krypt in Mortal Kommbat 11 is identical to that of MK 10 that is full of various randomized chests and treasures. A player can get everything from Konsumables to Kosmetics, and in some best cases, the player can have Fatalities—such as Krushing Blows and Fatal Blows.

But you have to sacrifice your various resources—Koins, Hearts, or the Soul Fragments—in order to open all reported 600 chests (all filled with amazing rewards) across the Krypt. There’s no fighting in exploring this in-game maze; however, a player has to be attentive about certain traps and puzzles to unlock every chest. The devs claimed that the treasures and chests are randomized, meaning no specific chests are available at the same locations.


A player can get a particular chest in one location, but his friend might not find that chest in the same location. Even though both players find a chest in the same location—the content of the chests could vary. Player A might get 15000 Koins, whereas Player B might not get even 5000 Koins.

Well, the information about chests, its rewards inside, and the location couldn’t be drawn, but we surely help to explore the vast map of the Krypt. This MK11 Krypt Guide will help the aspiring Mortal Kombat enthusiasts to explore the infamous Krypt-dungeon with our own MK11 Krypt Walkthrough. But first things first—to enter the Krypt, you must have PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch Online, or else things will not work. The mini-game is online-only, and it’s mandatory to have reliable Internet access as everything you do inside the Krypt will be saved automatically. Having said that, let’s enter the Krypt and begin our MK11 Krypt Walkthrough.


The entrance of the Palace

The journey to hunt the treasures around the Krypt begins after arriving at the entrance of the Palace on the Shang Tsung’s island.  To explore through the Krypt, do not forget to check the MK11 Krypt map and your inventory. You can open the MK11 Krypt map by holding the left trigger of your gaming stick.

At the entrance, you will encounter two chests—that don’t require any fictional currency to open. The chests will provide around 50,000 Koins and 100 Hearts. After opening these two chests, there is still another chest near the entrance door that will certainly reward you three Jade Kollection Character Arts.

Here comes the main catch of the game— Shao Kahn’s War Hammer. The hammer is very much essential to complete the MK11 Krypt Walkthrough. The hammer will help to smash things that come in your way and the treasures and sometimes hunt the enemy’s traps and solve puzzles. The main thing is the hammer is used to smash the walls and doors, which will eventually uncover the undiscovered places.

From the entrance, you can enter two places—The Dead Woods and the Central Courtyard. There is a small weak wall on the left side from the place where you grabbed your hammer and smashing the wall will open The Dead Woods.

The Dead Woods

The Dead Woods is particularly famous for the new unlockable treasure called Soul Spires. Every chest you find in the Woods requires costs to open them, so make sure you have enough game currency to unlock them.

There is a puzzle at the top of The Dead Woods. The puzzle appears as a spinning pillar that has three bodies hanged with unmatched parts. If you can solve the puzzle, either cyborg or demon’s skeleton will form. Here’s the bad part, as soon as the puzzle is solved—a trap opens, trying to kill you. After ultimately surviving from the trap, grab your rewards, and head back to the Courtyard.

The Courtyard

Exit the Dead Woods and again return to the entrance to enter the Courtyard through the large gate. The area is full of various chests, and only you will know what you will get and how much it will cost to open them.

There is the Shang Tsung’s throne on the east side behind a large bell. You can also smash the bell with your war hammer and receive few chests. If you approach neat the thrones, you will clearly see a few weak walls that will take you to another place.

But before exploring the area behind the Courtyard spend some time in the Courtyard to open more chests.



After entering the Forge, you will find the chests easily, and even Shang Tsung will help you to forge some items. After forging items, you can prepare ingredients for your Konsumables. Some places can’t be explored yet because you need some unique kinds of the artifact to do so.

Mountain Pass and Shrine

On the west side of Forge, you will walk through the wooden bridges, and after crossing them, you will find a Dragon Door (Leave it because you need Dragon Amulet to access it, but don’t worry you will see later after exploring the MK11 Krypt map.

The other end of the bridge has a massive golden statue, which is at the small Courtyard. You can also pay tribute to the gods by spending money for random rewards. You will now find a small puzzle at the downstairs, in the south of the Courtyard. You have to solve the puzzle by matching the dragon icon. After succeeding in the puzzle, open the gates at the up-stairs. This gate will lead you to the Courtyard Cavern with a Wooden Bridge.

Now again, return to the shrine—the place where the golden statue was placed—and head towards the northern side. You will soon find the statue of various other MK11 characters. You can get the gem of living after breaking the volcanic rock with your hammer. There is a couple of sealed doors at the opposite side of statues, which would have led back to the Courtyard and Dojo. Leave them as they are sealed and walk towards the wooden shrine. At the wooden shrine, you will find another big bell, and hitting it with the hammer will award some rewards and lead you back to the Courtyard.

Vaults and Gardens

Now you are at the central Courtyard with the gem of living. This area will soon be different than you have encountered before because, at specified intervals, a volcanic rock will drop with various chests. It’s time to place the gem of living that you received earlier. Place it at the balance door, and the door will open, awarding you some Koins and hearts.

If you ever felt lost somewhere and don’t know where to head, use the MK11 Krypt maps by holding the left trigger.

You can roam around the garden and vault chambers to get more rewards. There might be many sealed doors along the way, and you can open them by lifting the liver between the doors.

Goro’s Lair and Great Hall

Earlier, inside the vault chamber, you might have found the Cracked Horn of Motaro. Take this horn and return back to the warrior shrine—the place with statues of MK11’s notable characters.  Place the horn at the giant door and open it, you will get some rewards.

Now you have to go deep into Goro’s Lair. You have to exit the courtyard cave, and you will find a large elevator that will take you to Goro’s Lair. You can get your hands on various chests and rewards through the cave. You have just unlocked the whole new Mk11 krypt map. The place is just amazing, as it contains multiple chests and rewards.

After arriving at the first room in Goro’s Lair, you can now head towards the great hall through the elevator. The great hall contains various chests and dead Oni. From the great hall, you can explore three possible places in the east, west, and south. The path at the east side leads to the locked door of one being, but to open it, you will require three keys.

Spend some more time in the krypt, and ultimately you will have all the required keys and tons of rewards to full your inventory. This MK11 Krypt Guide and the MK11 Krypt Walkthrough has covered the essential part of the Krypt that will help you to explore the mysterious dungeon full of treasures.