Mischievous Leave It Beaver Actor, Ken Osmond Dead At The Age Of 76

Actor Ken Osmond, who played notorious Eddie Haskell in TV Classic, Leave It to Beaver, has shockingly passed away at the age of 76.

His son confirmed the sad news through a representative. His son, Eric, mentioned that his father was a wonderful and great person. Eric didn’t reveal the cause of death, but later, it was reported that Osmond due to the complications of COPD and peripheral artery disease. However, the disease sound similar to coronavirus, but the actor didn’t die due to coronavirus.

Ken Osmond appeared in the classic hit TV show Leave It to Beaver as the mischievous best friend of Wallace “Wally” Cleaver. His appearance in the show was previously intended to be a one-episode gig, but he ended up doing 96 episodes over the course of six seasons starting from 1957.

Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

The show later returned to the TV screens in 1983 as an updated version. He also returned in the acting as the same weaselly Eddie. Eddie was the best friend to Wally (Tony Dow) but was mean to his younger brother Beaver Cleaver (Jerry Mathers). Osmond reportedly spent in the Los Angeles Police Department for 18 years in between Leave It to Beaver’s original version and updated version.

He was forced to quit his job as an LAPD motorcycle cop in 1980 after a violent car thief shot him three times. He made out alive despite being gravely injured after sustaining three bullets. Osmond married Sandra Purdy sometime in 1969, and they have two sons, Eric E. Osmond and Christian S. Osmond.

He received massive media attention in the 2000s when he filed a lawsuit against Stars Guild Awards. He accused that the SAG didn’t distribute $8 million to the actors, which was collected by SAG from foreign residuals for American actors. He then received an undisclosed settlement in a class-action suit against SAG.