Avengers Endgame’s Actor Jeremy Renner’s Ex-Wife Slams Him and Accuses of ‘Constantly Bullying’ Her

Sonni Pacheco, model and former wife of The Avengers actor Jeremy Renner has slammed him and accused him of bullying her.

The accusations came after the 49-year-old actor accused Pacheco of stealing almost $50,000 and transferring into her own bank account from their daughter’s trust. The actor has filed court documents and claimed that she took money for over a period of two years.

Pacheco claims that she is just being slandered and continuously bullied. She is also sick of receiving accusations from her ex-husband. The court documents, however, mentions that the Wingman actress has admitted to transferring money through an email in April 2019. Even though the transfer is an act of the violation of court, she allegedly claimed that the money was transferred to provide presents and all the essential stuff for birthday parties and Christmas of their seven-year-old daughter Ava.

Jeremy Renner's ex-wife claims he bit their daughter

The court documents also mentioned that the actress even used the money from Ava’s trust to pay for property taxes. In response, the model reported that her all savings were finished due to Renner’s frequent allegations, and on lawyers and custody evaluators. Pacheco also mentioned that she will now plan to undergo custody evaluation due to Renner’s disturbing actions.

Pacheco didn’t explain the disturbing actions, but she has previously accused Jeremy of trying to kill her using a gun and allegedly biting their daughter.  Bourne Legacy actor denied the previous allegations and mentioned it was just another agenda to escape from legal trouble and defame the renowned actor.

Renner and Pacheco married in 2014 but separated just a year later in 2015, citing irreconcilable differences. The Avengers: Endgame actor recently requested to reduce child support payments to $11k from $30k after suffering massive wage loss due to COVID-19. The model currently is unable to deny those [misappropriating Ava’s Funds] allegations due to the agreement she signed with Renner back in February.