Well, Good News for Anime movie fans as “Weathering With You” has been released in Blu-ray versions!! How to Get a Copy!!

Japanese anime movies have always been able to impress the fans worldwide with their top-notch stories, and with that, the most extraordinary approach is something which many great directors can’t achieve.

There are a no. of films which deserve this kind of recognition, but let’s just talk about one of them very specifically, and that is “Weathering With You.”

This Japanese movie has taken the world by storm, and now it’s Blu-ray version is about to release in the US, which has created havoc and people are asking for further details. So, let’s try to talk about this one which has been able to cause this much commotion.

The Whole Plot

” Weathering With You” or “Tenki No Ko,” is a Japanese Romantic Film which released in Japan on July 19th, 2019. It is based on a novel written by Shinkai. This movie is pretty famous as it was able to get nominated for Best International Picture for 92nd Oscars.

The whole story revolves around Hodaka Morishima, who is a high school student and has been able to come down to Tokyo, and after coming to this place, he is not really happy, and as a result, he lives in isolation. After a while, he was able to meet an orphan girl whose name is Hina Amano, who has this ability to change the weather.

Release of the Blu-ray

The whole movie is quite a success, and here is the good part that this one is coming in Blu-ray edition on May 27th. This movie is kind of a blockbuster with about a business of $130 million. It’s a blockbuster.

The fans of the movie must be thrilled to know this fact and since the Blu-ray format has been out. So, people now have something to pass your time with, and also these times are pretty tough. So, why not to have a good romantic movie for your free time.