#CancelEverything is trending on Twitter amidst COVID-19 outbreak


    The coronavirus pandemic has been rapidly spreading all across the globe and has already affected a hundred thousand people, with more than 4200 deaths. China—the epicenter of the virus outbreak, Italy, South Korea, and Iran are among 125 countries that have been affected appallingly due to the deadly virus. But amidst the virus outbreak, Twitter users have taken their time and are continually creating humorous yet-scary posts about the virus.

    #CancelEverything has become the worldwide trend in the social networking site, and various users are posting some of the hilarious trolls about the virus using #CancelEverything. The meaning of the trend is generally the plea of people suggesting the government and authorities-to cancel everything. But the trend has taken another turn, and the social platform is flooded with thousands of hysterical memes.

    The worst affected countries like Italy and China have shut down the schools, work organizations, public malls, and have requested the people to stay inside the home and take necessary measures. The whole country of Italy is in lockdown, and various other countries have suspended major sporting events that attract huge public gatherings.

    One Twitter user who used the #CancelEverything wrote that world war III has transformed into the form of coronavirus. Another user wrote that the virus has now made people give up their thought of saying that 2020 is their year. One user—possibly the most desperate one—wrote to cancel everything, even his student debt.

    The NBA Champion and former MVP, Lebron James tweeted to cancel the year 2020 after NBA confirmed that the 19-20 season would be postponed indefinitely.

    Various countries are working to cancel everything, and you should also cancel your non-essential outing and public gathering to prevent the virus from getting inside your body. The president of the United States confirmed that foreign travel had been banned—excluding the UK.