Updates On “Overlord Season 4”: Release Date Is It In Plan Or Makers Just Dropped The Series???

Overlord is a part of the Isekqi series that have flooded the Japanese market in recent times. Like a lot of Isekai series, overload also started out as a web novel, and soon it became popular enough to be turned into a light novel series. Currently, three seasons have covered 9 of the 13 novels. Hence there is definitely a ray of hope for season 4.

Plot of Overlord

Like all other anime series, Overlord blurs the thin line between reality and virtual reality and revolves around virtual worlds that come to life.

The time period set is 2126, a time of advanced technology and prosperity. At this time, a Drive Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing games are released, and it quickly breaks boundaries, becoming a game that allows you to interact with the game unparalleled interactivity between user and game.

It takes no time for the game to achieve heights, and it draws in hundreds and thousands of gamers towards it. The game remains at the great height for 12 years, and at the peak of its popularity, the developers decided to shut down the game.

In the background, Momonga invites players to play for one last time, but only one heads his calls and disheartened by the lack of interest shown by the guild members he decides to stay logged-in until the servers are all shut down. When the servers are all shut, Momonga finds to his knowledge that the game has not vanished.

Momonga finds himself trapped in the game avatar after a period of panic he comes to terms that he is trapped in the game and embraces his new reality.

Will, there be a 4th season.

Season 4 of the series is not yet confirmed. Season 4 will happen at some point in time, but not right now, as makers have a lot to work with the making of series.