“Black Lightning S4”, This one has been renewed by CW. Here’s what everything you need to know about the upcoming season.

It’s been a while since we are watching “Black Lightning”. This Superhero series by CW is one of the best they have got and also a hero whose presence in Arrowverse is much required.

The 3rd season was a bold change in the story of the series as it took a very different direction all along as the whole thing was based on the arc from “Book of War” Chapter 3 Liberation.

This involves the fate of Freeland as the villain Gravedigger with the help of his Markovian Army was able to through the city in grave danger by making them prey for his nuclear strike on Freeland.

Now, What are Black Lightning and his team of heroes are going to do and how they will be able to stop Gravedigger.

What to expect from the upcoming season

The whole series has been able to set up a lot of questions for season 4 and since the series is renewed for season 4. So, let’s try to check out updates regarding the series.

The series has been able to collect quite a fanbase and it has become one of the most important shows for CW.

The official date of release for the upcoming season hasn’t been announced but we are going to have the upcoming season by the fall of 2021 and there will be a change in the time slot.

The plot of the previous season

Season 3 was turned out to be a kind of pivot as now the works of ASA has been able to go worldwide and the work they were doing which basically testing the newborns of Freeland to make them meta humans.

There has been able to be a school for all those meta humans and Jefferson Pierce has been chosen for the welfare of these young ones. The whole thing could become better after all this as there are still a lot of cliffhangers left to answer.

So, Let’s just wait as neither cast or trailer has been announced officially and the fact that all these things are still didn’t disclosed. So, simply we need to wait.