“Black Panther 2”, It’s good news for all the Marvel fans as this movie is coming pretty soon in theatres.

Marvel has been able to make movies which are simply awesome. The superheroes of Marvel has been able to make us happy for quite a long time.

Movies like “Avengers” and others are just so awesome. So, This pandemic has been able to take all the fun as movies like “Black Widow” and many others were have to reschedule the date of release for the movie.

The whole thing is pretty sad but there is still good news out there which is the reason for our tinie tiny joy. One of them is that “Black Panther 2” is happening which means that Kevin Feige is coming back with all the good stuff once again.

So, here’s what everything you need to know about the upcoming sequel of the movie.

The release date of the next part has been decided to be May 6, 2022. This was confirmed by none other than Ryan Coogler himself who is coming back for the second part of the movie. This one is either going to be a Phase 4 or Phase 5 of Marvel Movies.

The Plot for the upcoming season

The plot for the movie is more of a mystery but according to some theories, it’s possible that the sequel could have Princess Zanda or Namor (Marvel’s Aquaman) could be the primary antagonist for the movie.

And also, there are more chances of Namor being the antagonist here is more as he was supposed to be in End Game. But now, It could be his chance to make the grand entry.

The cast for the upcoming season

The cast is something we then again don’t have any idea as the people are some of them are definitely going to come back for a second time and also there is going to be some new characters are also going to be there. So, let’s just wait until the cast is going to be there and also announced by the production.

The trailer is then again still in wait. So, for the time being, we have to wait as the pandemic has been able to stop almost everything.