Everything you need to know about “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare s3”.

Well, People need to be a bit cheerful as from today we are going to have the 3rd season of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone”.

The latest patch of the gaming series which is going to be 1.19 is out there and you can play at now anytime. The game has been able to come with a lot of good things including new bug fixes and weapons.

The update is quite big but it’s worth the effort as the whole thing is somewhat better than the rest.

New features within the latest version

Those who are playing “Modern Warfare”  will be gain a lot of updated versions of maps and artillery for almost free same goes for those who own “Warzone”, they will also have access to these features.

To make sure that you will be able to use new operator within the game named Alex. The player needs to buy the $10 battle pass which is exclusively made for the 3rd season.

There will be a lot of classic features with whole new slots of battlefields which will give you the all-around thrill regarding the gaming platform.

Also, Those deadly ground battles which are something which this game has been able to make quite realistic. This time with smooth and handy gameplay, the battle is going to be one hell of gaming experience.

What about the graphics anf surroundings

The game has also able to have changed within the graphical content of the whole thing. The audio is far better than the previous versions and with that, the themes are also able to modify a lot better than the previous ones.

The trailer for the season has arrived. So, if you all are interested in this, then you should really take a look at it.

The weapons are better this time with some new ones which have been added in the artillery of the whole thing and also there are old ones with some new some features on it. So, people stay home and start playing it.