“Fire Force S2”, The anime series is going to have a second season. Here’s what everything you need to know about the upcoming season.

All the anime fans out there. Get ready something hot is about to serve as “Fire Force” is going to have their second season release pretty soon.

This anime is based on a Japanese Shōnen magazine which was written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo. The story is that the world has changed and these days humans have been able to change into “Infernals” in which humans filled with fire and burst at any time.

And with the test of time, Some people can also control this ability and use it for their own benefits.ce he protagonist of the anime Shinra Kusakabe has joined the Fire Force Company 8 to take revenge for his fellow family members who were killed 12 decades ago by something just like this.

The initial date of release is something which hasn’t been announced and since the pandemic has been able to halt almost any kind of work. So, In that case, We can expect a good delay.

Upcoming Plot for the season

Other than that, We don’t have any idea regarding the story and the fact that this one is going to continue from where the first season was able to provide us with a major cliffhanger.

The Shōnen or the manga series is going to be continued for this one and with that being said those who are mostly interested in manga series and all. They already have all the information required the upcoming season but still, there could be some changes. So, need to wait for this one for a good amount of time.

Trailer and Cast for upcoming season

The trailer for the upcoming season has been revealed and it’s looking pretty good with lots of action and drama down the corner. This one is just going to rock our moods for sure.

The cast is also going to remain the same with some new members could get included in the upcoming season which could be from the manga. So, let’s wait.