“Halo Infinite”, This game is driving its fans crazy but recently some latest announcements have been done which can make you a bit sane. Let’s check it out.

“Halo Infinite”, This game series has been able to make its fans crazy as the whole this one is going to be one of the first games to be released for Xbox Series X.

The release date of the game us definitely is halted due to the pandemic which has been able to create worldwide chaos.

The game is going to give a special first look in July 2020. This going to be a great idea as the fans are literally dying to see this game in live-action.

This one could be the first game which only after release was included in Xbox Game Pass

This one is going to be added in Xbox Game Pass. This is very unusual as its a new game and in Xbox Game Pass. They don’t really do that to those games which came out first hand.

The whole thing has been able to make the fans wait for about 2 years. When ” 343 Industries” last made an announcement in E3.

So, This is going to be a while when we will be able to get the game first hand and play with it. This game is going to be free if you buy an Xbox Series X or Xbox One.

What’s the name of the new game engine?

The game is going to have a new game engine which has been created by “343 industries” called Slipspace. This one is going to have a major impact on Halo Infinite and also on the other upcoming games.

Slipspace is going to give the game a pretty good gist which will be able to provide a smooth gaming experience and with that also this one is going to be a spiritual reboot. The creators are calling it that way as this one is going to teach a lot about life and moments along with the story.

This version is going to focus on Master Chief and going to make sure that the whole thing remains centric to the character in the whole game.

There is a trailer for the game which has been launched but that’s just the story as this one is not the game actually. The whole gameplay is something which you need to wait for a good amount of time.