“World Of Warcraft : Shadowlands”, Here’s what everything you need to know about the upcoming game.

For those, who are interested in wandering to the lands of magic and mystery and those who haven’t set their feet on it. For them, It’s time to be on board as “World of Warcraft: Shadowlands” is going to be released within this year.

So, Here’s what everything you need to know about this upcoming game.

The game was announced back in the Blizzard Con of 2019. The game will be able to do a lot more than it’s predecessors for sure as this time you can upgrade your gaming character to a level of 60 and also there is going to be a new realm with a handful of loot and other kinds of services.

The whole game is going to give you a sense of reincarnation as the whole thing is going to be working in that way only.

Release date and other details regarding the game

The release date is not there but the director is confirming that the game will be released within this year but we all know that the pandemic has been able to create a huge problem and as a result, the game could get rescheduled but let’s just hope for the best.

The newest feature within the game is going to be Torghast or the Tower of the Damned. Each time a player passes from this place, they will have a lot of powerups and other things which you need to stay in the game and also for smooth gameplay.

The plot

This game is going to continue after the Battle of Azeroth as the players will reach the land of Dead were the Sylvanas destroys the Helm of Domination and other features which breaks the balance of the afterworld. So, players will be thrown in this time of turmoil and they need to make sure that they could be able to restore the balance of the shadowland.

So, We need to wait for this game for a while though but more on that, we will be able to talk about it later.