Who is John Miles Lewis? What Did John Lewis Do?

John-Miles Lewis

Who is John-Miles Lewis

John-Miles Lewis is an American artist and the only son of late US senator and civil rights pioneer John Lewis. From 1987 until his death in 2020, the 80-year-old Democrat John Lewis served in the United States House of Representatives for Georgia’s 5th congressional district. From 1963 to 1966, he was the head of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).

Lewis was one of the “Big Six” leaders of the 1963 March on Washington organizing committee. He played an important part in the civil rights movement and its efforts to abolish legislated racial segregation in the United States. Lewis led the first of three marches from Selma to Montgomery across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1965. State troopers and police attacked the demonstrators, including Lewis, in what became known as Bloody Sunday. John Lewis died of pancreatic cancer on July 17, 2020.  Until his father’s dismissal, John Miles Lewis was hardly unknown.

In 1967, during a New Year’s Eve celebration thrown by Civil Rights activist Xernona Clayton, the politician John Lewis met his future wife, Lillian Lewis. Lillian was working at Atlanta University’s library at the time. In 1968, the couple married.

Eight years later, in 1976, they adopted a two-month-old boy called John-Miles Lewis into their family. Because Lillian’s maiden name was Miles, and he received his father’s first name, John-Miles was named after both of his parents. Lillian and John Lewis have only one kid, John-Miles. Lilian died on New Year’s Eve in 2012, which happened to be the anniversary of her encounter with John. She had allegedly been unwell for a long time prior to her death, but the cause of her death has never been made public.

John-Miles is now in his mid-forties, and he has attended all of his father’s memorial services around the country.

John-Miles Lewis witnessed the live broadcast of his father’s documentary.

According to the Washington Post, John-Miles grew up seeing various documentaries from the 1960s about his father participating in marches and sit-ins. He grew up in an environment that was considerably different from what his father experienced as a child in the 1980s.

What does John Mile Lewis, John Lewis’s son, do?

In the early 2000s, the late representative’s son worked as a musician and was signed to an independent label.

In an interview with The Washington Post in 2004, Miles talked about how hip hop motivated him and gave him a platform to attempt to make a difference.

John-Miles Lewis Performed & Sang Hip Hop in the Early 2000s

According to The Washington Post, John-Miles Lewis reportedly described hip-hop as his “political outlet.” His father, Malcolm X, and Mahatma Gandhi have all influenced him.

He’s chosen a different path in life than his father. His work was music-focused, according to a 2004 piece in The Washington Post, and he composed and performed hip hop. He penned his first song while he was in third grade. His father didn’t get on board with his chosen job until he heard a song written by his son called “Political Behavior,” he claimed. According to John-Miles Lewis, the song is about his father’s and friends’ pasts, as well as the political movement in which they were part.

According to The Washington Post, John Lewis is supportive of his son’s work as long as he is “helping to sensitize and educate his generation.”

According to John-Miles, his father constantly emphasized the value of the past to him. He told The Washington Post, “He constantly tried to inculcate in me what the past truly meant and how much the past influences now.”

In 2004, Miles Lewis told The Washington Post that he wasn’t opposed to entering politics one day, but that he wouldn’t do so until he was in his 40s.

It’s unknown whether John-Miles continued to make music or what kind of job he presently has.


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