Mob Psycho 100: Updates on the production of Season 3 and all you need to know!


Since the last episode of the infamous Mob Psycho 100 aired back on April 1, 2019, Mob fans have been eagerly waiting for the latest season for quite some time, and it surely is increasing the urge for updates on the show.

But the question is, when can we expect to see our favorite Shigeo Kageyama back on the screens again?

According to the BONES, the animation studio well known for animating popular animes like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Noragami, and other famous works, has yet to state regarding the latest season of the highly-anticipated anime.

The anime gained fame back in 2016 mainly because of its unique art style and really comedic writing. The manga series was officially published in 2012 and it successfully ran for six years before finally concluding in 2018.  The show’s season ended on a cliffhanger with the speculation on whether Mob lost his powers or not leaving fans all over wanting to know what happens next.

Has production of the season begun already?

Nothing has been officially corroborated by the studios, but we shall update you on the latest news on the show once confirmed.

Due to the worldwide ongoing pandemic, millions of industries have been affected by the virus. The same can be said for animation studios and many other entertainment industries. As a result that, many animation studios have reportedly stopped production. However, Tachikawa Yuzuru, the director of the series, said that he is evaluating changes that can be incorporated in the new season.

The studio is currently busy animating Season 5 of My Hero Academia and producing other anime series as reported by NetflixLife.

What can we presume for now?

What we can assume, for now, is that there might be a chance one could expect a release date around late winter 2022 or the early spring 2022 based on the previous seasons’ premiere dates. As the manga by ONE has already ended, the anime can continue with its supernatural-themed story without any issues. Since it was created by the same artist behind One Punch Man, one can expect great things for Mob Psycho 100.

Currently, there is a total of 16 volumes in the manga series. Season 3 will revolve around the 65 chapters that have been left unadapted in the last two seasons. There is no release date for Mob Psycho 100 season three as of now. You can catch up on the other newest seasons of My Hero Academia or Tokyo Revengers until then.

Will there be a change in the voice cast?

As the voice casting of the show was loved by the audience, it is in hopes that the casting for Mob Psycho 100 season 3 will remain the same as it was for the first two seasons. The production house believes it would be best to not tamper with the casting staff.

Where can I watch Mob Psycho 100?

You can catch up on the series either through Netflix, Crunchyroll, or other online streaming sites. Netflix also has a live adaptation of the series. Although there is a wide difference between anime and live-action, the movie is noted to be pretty fine with a rating of 5.2 from IMDb. Here’s a trailer for the live-action:


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