Apple TV+Schmigadoon all set for Season 2 or not? Read to find out more information!


Schmigadoon season 2? Is it for real? Will we be able to catch a glimpse of the season 2 trailer soon? You guys must have so many questions racing your mind right now, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry, as we pledge to resolve your doubts as much as possible. Stay tuned!

So, is the second season of the loved mini-series Schmigadoon to be renewed? Seems there is still hope! Schmigadoon, one of the finest musical comedies available on Apple TV+ is on the buzz for many days owing to the discussion of whether the series is officially set to release for Season 2.

With iconic actors like Alan Cumming, Cecily Strong, Kristin Chenoweth, and Keegan Michael Key to name a few, Schmigadoon has a vibrant look and feel to its show that seamlessly draws viewers to the screen. The loud and overly energetic personas in the show, along with a whole chorus of people singing with their shrill voices, almost every few minutes, might get a little getting used to at first but once you have entered into the premises of Schmigadoon you are bound to get hooked!

What’s the plot?

With an Imbd rating of 7.4, Schmigadoon revolves around the story of two city dwellers from New York namely, Melissa Gimble played by Cecily Strong, and Josh Skinner, played by Keegan Michael Key whose untimely romance gets a kickstart after they come across a vending machine supplying limitless candies!

But as happens with the best of people, overtime when their sweet as candy relationship begins to turn bland and mundane, both Melissa and Josh agree on igniting their shimmering spark once more by undertaking a hiking trip.

While on the trip they lose their way in the woods and find themselves in front of a queer bridge, made out of stone. Upon crossing the bridge, the couple sets foot in the quirky town of Schmigadoon where the local folks inhabiting there behave as though they are performing in the Golden Age of music, dancing, singing, acting, and frolicking. To be precise, always performing.

But, when everything seems rosy and sunny, that’s when the couple learns that they are forbidden to leave the town of Schmigadoon unless they find their one true love! Will they ever find true love within each other, or will there be a third person involved? Watch the show to find out!

Schmigadoon: Season 2

So, is Schmigadoon season 2 or not? That’s a million-dollar question that can be heard in the mouths of the audiences. Well, to be precise the cast, crew, or the director of the show Barry Sonnenfeld has neither confirmed nor denied, whether the show will be renewed or will it be canceled. One of the key reasons for this dicey situation is that, Apple TV+ is not supported by advertisements, hence the final decision of Schmigadoon’s second season lays solely in the hands of the viewers and also the costs of production.

But, there is almost no doubt in the fact that audiences won’t welcome a season 2 of Schmigadoon especially because season 1 was so much appreciated by the viewers! The finale of Schmigadoon season 1 also hinted at the arrival of season 2.

All we can say is that we must be optimistic and do not let out our hopes die out yet. Because, when we hold on to hope, something amazing surely happens like in the life of the protagonists at Schmigadoon itself! Schmigadoon season 2, we are waiting!

Watch Schmigadoon season 1 on Apple Tv+ with a monthly subscription of just Rs99 with a bonus of a 7-day free trial too!

Till then catch a glimpse of the trailer of Schmigadoon.


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