Nine Perfect Strangers is here! All you need to know about this Mini Series that is already making headlines!


Nine Perfect Strangers with a perfect woman as the protagonist is bound to make quite a noise. Yes, we are talking about the versatile, and exceptionally talented actress Nicole Kidman who stars in Hulu’s latest web series, Nine Perfect Strangers. But, we also cannot forget the stunning Samara Weaving, Melissa McCarthy, Bobby Cannavale, and Regina Hall who all have done a fantastic job as well! Hats off to their acting chops!

Before diving into the series, it is important to know that Nine Perfect Strangers was initially penned by Liane Moriarty which was selected as the bestselling novel in the New York Times. The limited web series is based on this book which goes by the same name. Want to know what’s more creepy?

Of course, the show is, but apart from that fact, sources reveal that Moriarty who is also known for her book Big Little Lies had Nicole Kidman as the protagonist of Nine Perfect Strangers, in her mind even before the show was yet to be shot. Nicole Kidman’s character Masha was created keeping in mind the Australian actress as well. Now, how intriguing is that?

What’s the plot?

Nine Perfect Strangers has such a unique and strange plot that it will constantly keep you questioning your sanity! And we are not even kidding! Nicole Kidman as Masha is a wellness instructor who runs a retreat for health freaks amidst a seemingly uninhabited place. Because usually, every story unfolds in dark places, isn’t it?

When 9 unaware tourists drop in this retreat for 10 days that goes by the name Tranquillium House, they are introduced to different and exotic healing methods by our beautiful Masha in the hope that these people regain their peace and tranquility. But, nothing is as apparent as you get to see what these unusual and eerie healing maneuvers actually turn out to be.

Nine Perfect Strangers doesn’t shy away from showing the dark and abnormal parts of the human brain. And while you constantly try to figure out Masha aka Nicole Kidman you just can’t. She is effortlessly freaky and surreal as the guru with a secret! But, from the beginning of streaming Nine Perfect Strangers, you have this sick intuition that everything is going to turn out for the worse!

When can we watch Nine Perfect Strangers?

The countdown has begun! Nine Perfect Strangers is all set to premiere on the OTT platform Hulu on the 18th of August, 2021! Tighten your seatbelts already as it is about to be a gripping rollercoaster ride for sure. Get ready for some jump scares as well as a whole lot of uncanny scenes!

Nine Perfect Strangers will have eight episodes with a new episode coming on every Wednesday so that you won’t have to withhold your suspense for too long!

Shooting Locations

Nine Perfect Strangers has beautiful picturesque locations which are extensively shot at New South Wales and also against the backdrop of Byron Bay of Australia. These scenic places are a treat to the eyes! But, it is recommended that when you undertake such a trip yourself, be vigilant, otherwise, there’s always a Masha lurking around!

Trailer of Nine Perfect Strangers 

Yes, the excitement is too intense and we understand that you can’t wait to stream Nine Perfect Strangers. Thus, to calm your nerves, watch the trailer which is downright unsettling but will make you ask for more!



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