“Gone For Good” is coming on NETFLIX? Release date and every details that you must know about this fabulous show is right here!


“Gone for good” is finally going to come on Netflix for good! Filled with mystery and thrills, Gone for good is most likely to grab eyeballs instantly upon its release. With gritty dialogues, superb cinematic scenes, and mind-blowing puzzles. Gone for good is way beyond what it seems as you delve deeper and deeper into the story.

Getting excited yet? Then have a read below to find out more about this new Netflix show that will surely reign in the top 10 in no time!

The Cast

As a French miniseries, the show is already on the highlight for some time, especially because of the talented cast, comprising Finnegan Oldfield, Garance Marillier, Nicolas Duvauchelle, and Nailia Harzoune to name a few as well as due to the scenic locations and nerve-wracking trailer.

The Plot

Before there was a show, there was a book! The miniseries Gone for Good is based upon the works of Harlan Coben, a mystery novelist. Upon reading the book the director of the show, Juan Carlos was immediately interested in turning the book into a graphic television visual!

Gone For Good’s story goes as follows: The protagonist Guillaume Lucchesi played by Finnegan finds himself amidst turmoil 10 years after the deaths of her former girlfriend Sonia, played by Garance, and brother Fred, played by Nicolas.

But why does he finds himself in such a situation? Because Lucchesi’s current love Judith goes missing! Now, he has to retrace his steps, recalling his tragic experience 10 years earlier to solve the disappearance of Judith.

Secrets of family and friends are revealed and there are encounters with certain queer acquaintances whom Lucchesi has ignored for so long. After all, the ones ignored are not gone for good! And talking about Judith, is she what she really shows herself to the others? And why did Lucchesi’s brother and past lover die?

Gone for Good raises so many questions and like a slow burner, gives you all the answers that you are looking for, after spiking your curiosity at its peak!

Shooting Location

Gone for good has some excellent locations because it is shot at none other than the poetic land of Paris, considered to be the City of Love. But, how can something turn out to be so terribly awry in such a gorgeous place known for its dreamlike ambiance?

For that, you need to stay tuned to Gone for Good. The unraveling of mysteries and crime will make you binge-watch this show the entire night!

Release date

Wait for it! Gone for good is all ready to get released on the 13th of August, 2021. Do you know what that means? It’s hardly even a week later before you are introduced to a world of mystery, adventure, thrill, and love!

The perilous wait is “gone for good”. Now we just have a few days left before we get our blankets and popcorn ready to watch Gone For Good. The series has just 5 tense and intense episodes which you can either finish in one night due to the bubbling adrenaline inside, or you can take it slow to let the dark horrors creep in! Gone for Good leaves it up to you. Till then watch the trailer

If Gone For Good is making you curious and it seems that your patience is running out, then watch the gripping trailer which mostly focuses on Lucchesi, who is losing his mind! Warning! To fully figure out the trailer you might have to watch it a few times!


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